Monday, 16 November 2009

What does and doesn't sell? Its a mystery...

Yeh, got some better photo's of my stall, had completely forgotten about borrowing my friends camera, so it was a nice surprise when she emailed them to me. Thanks Ali.

I did really well on Saturday, but I was surprised about the things which did and didn't sell. I mostly sold smaller things like Christmas decorations and cards, so perhaps need to make a few more stocking filler type things.

I got a lot if interested in the my textiles art and cushions, but very few sales.

I was selling small ish unframed pictures at between £8 - £15, which I think is quite reasonable, but perhaps people don't come to a craft fair to buy things like that? I also think a few people thought they were cards, so I think I need to make a better sign.

I was selling the cushions for £18, which I don't think is too bad, as there is a lot of work which goes into them, but I am thinking that perhaps they are more suited to a children's room rather than someones living room and then perhaps £18 is quite a lot.

Anyway its given me a lot to think about, but in a positive way. If I think how much I have moved on since the craft fair in the summer then things like this will just help me to continue to develop and improve.


  1. hi helen
    well done on the craft fair, sounds like it was a success, just ish I had the time and the stock to do one this Xmas, maybe next year, i really should make the effort.

  2. Its always a mystery to me what people choose to buy. Its so random! Your things are very reasonably priced tho as they are lovely. I think people prefer buying smaller things at craft fairs as they don't want to carry loads of bigger stuff around with them and also I know that I tend to buy stuff under £10 without thinking about it if I like it but anything over £10 would make me think about whether I REALLY want or need it. People may well buy online at a later date having given it a bit of thought. Hope you gave out lots of cards with your details on!! x