Friday, 27 November 2009

Craft fairs are strange

Did a craft fair yesterday at Carrington School in Nottingham. Had not done a school craft fair before and had read very mixed things about them. So I decided to go with low expectations and just to enjoy an afternoon off work.

But it was ok, had a nice glass of mulled wine, a nice to chat to some people I know and some new people. And sold 4 things! Which wasn't too bad as the cheapest thing I sold was £8! So not a bad couple of hours. I also gave out loads of cards.

Really don't get craft fairs, the other week I did one, I was really happy with how I did, but I mostly sold cards and decorations. Yesterday I didn't sell any cards or decorations very odd!

I have a stall at Candy Cane tomorrow in Sheffield, going to try and go with limited expectations again. Have enlisted the help of my friend Mill, so we should have a good laugh if nothing else, promise to take some photo's this time.

On the work front, feeling a little better about things, had a chat to my lovely line manager yesterday, no magic answer and I think its going to be like this until till Christmas, but I think I just need to remain positive and not take it personally. Thanks Sooziebee for the knitting suggestion, but I think they may notice. Jon suggested, blind folding me for an hour ever night, so I learn to do crafts without looking, I can then make things under my desk!!

Sorry about the lack of photo's struggling to take any new ones as its so dark all the time. Will try and take some at the weekend.


  1. I did a school evening fair last night and had a similar experience. It was ok (made some money)but not brilliant. It is so random what sells and what doesn't. People cooed over my baking bags all night but nobody bought one! I cant work it out!!! Good luck with your next one. x

  2. Hi Helen I have been known to send a text message from my pocket so I'm sure it's very possible to craft under a desk :-) Just keep smiling. A x

  3. I live near the Carrington school and I had tried to get a stall there but they'd already all gone. I was a bit surprised it was only for 2 hours though...not very long at all.

    I've never really been able to predict what will sell at each craft event...keeps you on your toes :)