Thursday, 12 November 2009

A good problem to have

This week I have been trying out ways of displaying my stock for a craft fair on Saturday.

While doing this I have discovered that I have made way too much stuff for one stall. I am doing a few craft fairs, so its great to have some things in reserve, as hopefully I will sell some things on Saturday.

But I was hoping that I would be able show more things, don't get me wrong its a good problem to have. I just hope I get a stall with wall space and a large table!!

This is still work in progress (and yes I will put a cover over the table), any suggestions or tips? I think it looks a bit crowded still.....


  1. I think it looks fab. You have gorgeous things. I would def be drawn to your stall to have a look. Good luck!

  2. I used to do craft fairs and my hubby converted me a cheap fold up papering table to make a card stand. We took off the legs, painted the insides of the table out black and fitted it out with wood beadings in strips at card heights and curtain wires across to hold the cards up. I was then able to load the cards at home and fold the table up to carry them to the fair. I only needed to open it up and stand it on the back of the table to display my cards. I think I must still have it somewhere but no longer use it :-) A x