Wednesday, 30 June 2010

That's life

This week I am having a bit of a re-group, after being busy for so long, its really nice to take things a bit easy and not constantly feel like you are rushing. It feels so nice to have some more time on my hands, even though I have a long list of things to catch up on. It amazing after working very long days for a few months how working 9 - 5:30pm can feel like taking it easy.

I always knew that my proper job could be very full on and I was quite lucky that last year was fairly quite, so I got to spend most of my spare time working on Petal textiles. This year has not really gone to plan with one thing and another and I have had to put everything on hold for the last 3 months or so. I suppose I am a little disappointed that I wasn't able to juggle things better and its a shame Petal Textiles had to take such a back seat, when really this is what I would like to be doing, but that's life!
This has got be thinking about where am I heading and what is it I am trying to do? Don't worry I haven't made any big decisions, and will probably just continue to potter along. But it would be nice one day to be able to commit more time to this, as the only way I will ever get anyway is hard work, lots of hours and lots of luck. And at the moment I can't do this.

So right now I feel like I need to start again, which in a way is quite exciting, I think my plan is to get myself together so I have lots of stock for Christmas and do lots of fair and things around then. But right now its time to have a rest and some fun in the sunshine.

Friday, 25 June 2010

I'm back

My blog has been rather neglected over the past couple of months. I have been really busy in my proper job and have been working very long hours, so haven't had much free time, so unfortuntley this has meant Petal Textiles has been very much on hold.

But the project at work has now finished, so I am hoping things will go back to normal. I have really missed being creative and can't wait to go get started again, but I have lots of domestic things I should probably do first, including spending some time with my fella, who has also been very neglected.

This week was Sherwood Artweek. I had work in an exhibition at St Johns Church and in Apollo blinds. Sadly I was away working for most of the week, so wasn't as involved as I would have liked and didnt manage to see any of the other exhibitions.

At St Johns I exhibited 9 small textiles pictures and a wall hanging. I kind of ran out of time with the wall hanging, so have some ideas I want to develop further.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sherwood Art Week

Just a very quick post to say, Sherwood Artweek starts on Saturday (19th June). Its going to be a fantastic week, with lots of exciting things planned. Find out more at

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, my real job has been manic and has meant I have had to put Petal textiles on hold for a bit. But the end is insight, so hopefully I will be back blogging and crafting very soon.