Saturday, 7 November 2009


With one week to go until my first craft fair of the season, I thought I better have a think and a practice about how to display everything.

In the summer I shared a stall with a friend and hadn't thought about this at all, and it took me ages to set everything up and I wasn't really that pleased with how it all looked. So learning from my mistakes I decided this time to try and plan before hand, especially as we don't have much time to set up.

But I am finding this really hard. I seem to have made a very odd selection of bits and bobs, and although I think you can tell they are made my the same person as they are in the same style, its quite hard to display textile art with sausage dogs, cushions and tea cosies. I think maybe I am thinking about this too much, but when you have put a lot of effort into the making I suppose its only natural that you want it to look the best it can.
Oh well at least I have a week to come up with something better.

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  1. I think your lovely work will speak for itself. One top tip I have gained from speaking to serial fair exhibitors is to add lots of varying heights to your table as it draws the eyes in. Also think 'outside' of the box when considering display prop items. Make sure you post some pics of your table when done!