Monday, 30 November 2009


I did my final craft fair of the Christmas season on Saturday, yeh! It actually wasn't that good to be honest, but you live and learn and I still had quite a nice day.

It was in Sheffield, near to the city centre, but in comparison to the local one I did it seemed really quite quiet, although apparently they had around 600 visitors.

In the end I did ok, but at 2:30pm, I had only taken £35!! I found lots of people just walked passed and didn't even look, and yet again the things I sold seemed odd. I didn't sell any Christmas decorations and only a couple of cards, but sold all of my knitted phone and ipod covers. Next year I must remember to make more stocking filler type things.

So I am now left with lots of stock, so I will be busy listing things on Folksy later. Ideally I could do with doing another fair, but have things planned so even if I could find one, I am not sure I could fit it in.
Yesterday I spent the day tidying my work space and getting myself organised again, which was very satisfying.

I am at home sick today, got a really sore throat and feel rough, so I am on operation get well soon, I hate being ill and I am fairly rubbish at it, so I am hoping I will be better soon.


  1. The stall looks lovely. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Helen. Sorry to hear the craft fair didn't do so good. I guess most of us have had days like that. I well remember taking an afternoon off work to do a craft fair [and it was one with a good reputation for sales] and ended up not selling enough to even pay for my table let alone covering my loss of earnings. Put it down to experience and good luck with sales on Folksy. More important is for you get really well very soon. A x