Monday, 23 November 2009


Glorious - this isn't a word a ever thought I used, but apprently I used it twice to describe buildings in about 10 mintes! Makes me worry what else I say without realising it!

Anyway,I have just spent a 'glorious' weekend with my friend Emma in Harrogate. We spent Saturday at the Knit and Sticth show. Its was great to have a mooch and stock up on fabric, buttons and fibres, I think we both stuck just about within our budgets but did still brought quite a lot of things. It was also good to see the textiles pieces on show and I think we have both come away with lots of ideas and things we want to try.

Its the first time I have been to the Knit and Stitch show and I couldn't belive how big and busy it was. At times you almost had to queue to get onto the stands. It got a lot better after 3pm as I think the coach trip start to leave.

Then on Sunday we did a bit of laid back Christmas Shopping before going to Harrogate Spa. Had a very hot but relaxing time, although it would have been nice to have taken my sketch book in as the building and tiles were gorgeous, but it would have got a bit soggy.

So great weekend, but I am now slightly panicking as I have still have some orders to catch up on and a few things to finish before the craft fairs I am doing on Thursday and Saturday. No idea when I am going to get everything done, but sure it will be fine.

(Photo's are from some of the gallery type stands at the Knit and Stitch show, sorry not sure who has made them. The last two are of my purchases)


  1. Totally impressed with the photos. Looks like we would have loved to come too. [Twiglet and I that is]. Good luck with Thursday and Sat. I'm sure you will get it all done in time. A x

  2. We always used to go to the fashion and embroidery show at Harrogate when I lived up there. Its so inspiring to see the wonderful things folk make. Love the photos.