Saturday, 7 November 2009

ahh one week to go.

I have woken up this morning with the realisation that its only one week to go until my first craft fair of the Christmas season. Why are things coming round so quickly at the moment.

I got back yesterday from a weeks holiday in Northumberland. It was lovely, lots of nice walks, fresh air and general relaxing. I want to live by the sea!!

I did get away with taking a small craft box with me, so did get a bit done, but thought I better draw the line at talking my sewing machine!. Actually it was nice to have a break from my mini production line and do some relaxing crafting.

I think I probably have enough stuff for this next craft fair, but have several fairs close together, so don't have much time to make any more things after this weekend. I still have a lot of things on my list that I wanted to make and haven't. This morning I was thinking I should have made some stocking filler type things, but I think it maybe a bit late now.

Oh well I think I this stage I should perhaps concentrate on finishing the things I have started, pricing and packaging everything, before deciding how I am going to display it all.

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  1. Jow fantastic a week in Northumberland. Lovley. Good luck with the fairs