Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I have been doing lots of thinking recently. I have loads of ideas a I want to develop further, but just don't have the time to do this. I would love to spend a week doing nothing but designing and making.

Recently I have been feeling that I have been producing work here and there but without any direction or focus. So I have decided to narrow down what I produce over the next few months, into 3 ranges; Felt Flowers, Pebbles and Stitch Burn. I hoping that by narrowing down what I make, it will give me a little more direction.

I am also not doing very well on sales. I know I need to spend some time, applying for some more craft fairs and getting my work in some more shops and galleries and may try some different online shops to. But I don't really want to approach anywhere until I have spent some more time developing my new work and ideas. Again this all falls down to time.

I have also been thinking about the time it takes to makes things and how much I charge. I was talking to a friend at the weekend, who is actually doing really and is starting to make a living from this. This was great news, as she is lovely and has worked really hard. But she also has a very good business brain. She has developed quite a commercial range, but she seems really good at producing lovely work, but also cuts out some of the details to save time, so she can charge her work at a competitive rate, but still allow for her time spent.

This is not something I am very good at, most of my pieces are one off's, but I probably don't charge one off prices, so I think I need to look as doing some pieces that I can make several of the same thing and maybe need to look at how to make things quicker.

So, basically I have lots going round in my head and still not much direction.... perhaps need to do more thinking..

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  1. us 3 girlies need another get together soon when g is feeling a bit better, think it will do us all some good!! liking the ideas you are having, thinking v similar thoughts myself x