Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More pebbles

I have been trying to find time to develop my Pebble range a bit more, I have loads of ideas and have been busy sketching and developing ideas on paper, but what I really need is a few days sat at my sewing machine.

I made this tea cosy sample at the weekend, fairly happy with it, but there is quite a bit I will be changing.

I have also been trying out my pebble design on various fabrics, including handmade felt which has then been put into the washing machine for extra textures and bobbly effect. Really please with this, but as this shrinks the felt it could be a very time consuming and expensive way of going about things.
I have also been trying out linen as I think it might be better to embroider pebbles directly onto a fabric rather than onto handmade felt and then attaching the felt to something. Today I have treated myself to some beautiful organic linen fabric in some very gorgeous mutted tones.

In my real job I was sent a sample of padding PCV, or 'Pleather' as we call if (Plastic leather), I really like the way this has turned out and really like the contrast of textures. But not sure if wipe clean fabrics (especially cushions) is the market I am going for!!

So the plan is to continue making some product samples over the next week or so and hopefully I will then have a small range, which I can continue to develop.


  1. I like your pebbles!I'll wait for your future experiments!There's so much to learn from you :D !!!

  2. I like the work that you have done so far! Sometimes when we something handmade we don't realise that there more than the actual labour it's all the designing, working things around, changing things, etc.
    You are doing great :)