Friday, 13 August 2010

Felt Flowers

I have been making my Felt Flowers range for a while now. I love making these, I love that I get to combine lots of techniques, I especially like that I get to sit down in the evening and do hand embroidery (its very relaxing). I also like these pieces as I think they are fairly unique, I haven't seen too many things which are similar, they are also fairly organic and I never quite know how its going to turn out.

I have been thinking recently about how I can develop this style. At the moment I just make cards and pictures in this range. But for a while I have been thinking about what else I can make. The problem I am having is that they are fairly delicate, so am I am not sure how well they would transfer to usable items such tea cosies and cushions.

I think I need to do some experimenting and try and produce some sturdy versions, but I am worried that this could mean I loose some of the elements I like. I think I need to spend some time making samples. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.


  1. You're right, hand embroidery is very relaxing. I love all the little detail in these designs.

  2. Absolutely awesome!!!Yes I think the only way to have a proof of their strength is to try them on a object ;P !!! If you want I'm avaible for "free tests" ;P eheheh!