Monday, 23 August 2010

Sew weekender

I had another fairly productive weekend, but they are just not long enough. I find I am just getting into a flow and its Sunday night again, would love to be able to spend more time making things, but that just not possible. (Sorry trying not to make this another rant about time.) For various reasons I am not really enjoying my proper job at the moment, so I don't think that helps, as I seem to spend the whole week day dreaming about doing other things. I am sure it will get better soon and I have been through similar moments before and I know I am lucky to have a job, so not really moaning, honest!
Anyway I did some more work on my Pebble Range. Didn't produce quite as much as I had hoped, but I completed another cushion. This is made from gorgeous hand woven organic fabric, I felt that kind of suited the organic nature of this range and I love the colour/ Really pleased with it, but the embroidery on the front took ages, but I think its worth it. Going to make some more incorporating handmade felt as I really like the pebble embroidery on the felt.

I also made pebble tea cosy mark two and I am really happy with it and think now I have worked out the best way of doing this will be able to make a few quite quickly. Again I want to make some using handmade felt.

I started to embroidery this piece, again using handmade felt, but this time with some colour added, but ran out of grey thread, doh! I really like it and I'm going to make some more like this, I am thinking I could also adapt slightly for cards.

I think this week I need to have a felting session after work, so I have lots of felt ready sewing at the weekend. I have recently been felting and then putting the felt into the washing machine to finish off. I really like the effect as it makes it more textured, it also makes the felt more sturdy, which when producing items like cushions and tea cosies is definitely a good thing. The negative side, is that its really hard to make large pieces using this method and I am getting through my felting fibres like there is no tomorrow. So roll on the weekend and another sewing session.

Sorry for the strange placing of the photo's, blogger seems to crash every time I move something, so I gave up.

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