Monday, 16 August 2010

Craft Fair

I did my first craft fair of the year on Saturday, luckily I went with very low expectations. I knew due the location and time of year its wasn't going to be great, but as I haven't done one for so long I wanted something to ease me back into it. I had a nice day and met lots of lovely people and it was really useful setting up my stall again. But didn't even cover my stall fee!! oops!

My stall was next to Dave from The No Such Disco, check out his lovely Folksy shop. , I did buy one of his books for my god daughter Molly, I am sure she will love it. I also got to meet some other lovely Folksy people.

There were some good stalls, but without meaning to sound nasty, some not what you would call contemporary crafts and were a bit more hobby craft. I also wouldn't describe some of them as handmade, but then some of these stalls seems to be doing much better than I was, so there you go. I perhaps just need to choose what I do more carefully next time.

My stall looked ok, but I need to do some work on it over the next few months as its looked a bit crowded & cluttered. I need a better was of displaying my cards, I also need more signs and prices. I am going to try and stick to 3 ranges or products, I think this might help make my stall look less random, and help display by products better.

So although not the best day as far as sales, lots of useful lessons learnt!

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  1. I'm sure the next will be better!Your products are amazing...the sooner you'll have a queue behind your lovely desk ;D