Thursday, 5 August 2010


Recently I have been trying to buy less, partly to save money and partly because I have a lot of stuff already and do I really need more.

This certainly applies to my stash of craft supplies, I have several boxes and baskets full of fabric, wool, wool tops and fibres and general bits and bobs and I had been trying to have a bit of a use up before buying more. But I have genuinely ran out of some things and I have not been able to explore some ideas as I don't have the right stuff. So this week I am going to purchase some more commercial felt, some white wool tops, some plain fabric and small buttons. But I am going to try stick to this list. Hmmm we will see how this goes.


  1. helen, I LOVE this, it's really lovely, and the different fabrics work so well together, make more!!!

  2. That really is striking - wonderful mix of pattern and colour.

    Good luck with your shopping plan, lol!

  3. I haven't had chance to pop by for a little while, so was over the moon with all that you have done. The lollipop trees and the pebble work are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing. The thought processes in the pebble work has really got me thinking. I would love to meet up seeing as we are so close. Take care. Off days are good too!

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments about this piece. It was just a bit of a sketch book play about... but maybe I might try some more.

    Alisonb2 - that would be nice, doing a craft fair in Hucknall on Saturday, if you are in the area?