Sunday, 17 January 2010

Many years ago

I've not been at home this weekend, so haven't managed to do any new work (apart from an hour doing some bits in my sketch book, I'll tell you more about that another time). So due to the lack of any new work to show you, the photo's are of a piece I did about 15 years ago. Its about the only thing from my degree that has survived, I think have chucked everything else out, although there maybe some bits in the garage. This piece even takes pride of place in my living room and I have become very fond of it over the years.

Its made from ink drawing on paper, which have been sewn and stuck together, I have molded and sewn some of the paper to create a slightly 3D effect. I used to base alot of my work on architecture, so perhaps this is something I should revisit.


  1. wow I love the 3D version! The form of it reminds me of some of my sculptural vessels. You should definitely revisit this type of work, I love it!

  2. wow helen, i love this!! if you ever fancy an architectural day out sketching count me in, in fact it's something i was thinking of suggesting to ncm, get a whole bunch of us, out sketching for the day, and then have a boozy tea in a pub???

  3. Great idea sue, would be well up for that, but not brave enough to go on my own, especially as I am a bit rusty.