Sunday, 24 January 2010

Commissions and Sales

So far January has been a pretty good month. I was expecting things to be really slow, but I have had several sales in my Folksy and Etsy shops. I have also had a commission from someone I work with for two felt hot water bottle covers. And yesterday whilst working in the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop I got a commission for a felt lampshade. So its been a great start to the year.
I was going spend the day working on some ideas for a new project, which hopefully is going to lead to something to show at Sherwood Art week. But I think I better do some felt making first.

The top photo is of some unfinished heart brooches. These are made from layering fabric and then cutting back to reveal the layers below, machine embroidery is then added. I hope to add them to my shop this week.

This lampshade is for sale in The Nottingham Craft Mafia shop, I have been asked to make a purple one.

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  1. Beautiful textures on your brooches and wonderful jewel colours.