Monday, 25 January 2010

Little Miss Messy

Well so much for making some felt as starting ideas for new projects yesterday. By the time I finished cleaning the house and then giving my work space a well needed sort out I had ran out of time.

I'm a tidy and organised person who seems to be really messy too!! Not sure how I manage it. I love things being organised and planned and live in quite a tidy house. But I just don't have the ability to work in a tidy way. So I often find myself having to have a big tidy up and sort out (normally when I run out of space on the table). I think it would be much better if I could do this as I go along, but I just never seem to manage it. When I was really busy before Christmas things were in such a mess that I started using the ironing board!

According to Jon I'm a very messy cook too! I must try harder!


  1. i'm the same, esp with cooking, i have to use nearly every dish in the house when i'm cooking, makes me feel all 'nigella' but its' a pain when you have to wash it all up!!

  2. Thats funny, having to use the ironing board! Congrats on your lamp shade commission x

  3. Your table looks a lot like mine when I'm making jewellery :D

  4. I love to clear up! I do it very rarely and then find lots of "treasure"
    I've given you a blog award, to collect it just drop by my blog!