Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Maybe there are some things you shouldn't blog about and maybe writing a whole posting about cabbage is one of them, but here goes....

I get a veggie box and its sitting on the floor, next to my desk at work. On the top is the most beautiful savoy cabbage. It looks lovely and I really just want to sit and draw it. It would be a close up drawing I think, showing the veins and texture, it would be a pencil drawing with lots of deep shading. Its such a shame I am at work, might have to try and draw it tonight seeing as I have the urge.

On Christmas day I took some photo's of my beautiful red cabbage, not done anything with them yet, but was really loving the colours and patterns when it was chopped in half.


  1. both gorgeous, i think the red one would look great felted!!

  2. Big cabbage leaves make gorgeous impressions in clay. I LOVE that red cabbage pattern and colour, you could use it in one of your next designs.