Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Everyday Inspiration

I follow several blogs. At the moment two of my favourites are both trying to produce a piece of work a day. I love this idea and think it could lead to some really exciting things. I am really enjoying reading both of them and seeing what wonderful things they are producing.

I would love to do something like this, but just don't have the time, perhaps I would manage one a week!!

Lu Summers from http://www.summersvillesketch.blogspot.com/ is trying to produce a piece of mixed media work every day for year. So far she has produced some wonderful pieces and I am really looking forward to seeing what else she produces this year.

Sue from http://sooziebee-design.blogspot.com/ is aiming to produce a sketch a day. As a lapsed drawer myself, I think this is such a great idea. I always struggle to know what to draw and never get enough practice to get to the stage I was at when at college, so find it all really disheartening. So I think Sue's idea is brilliant, as its a great way of practicing and developing her drawing skills (which are fab!), again I am really looking forward to seeing what else she produces. I think you can already see loads of progress and its only the 2nd week in January.

I'm sure you'll agree its really inspiring stuff!

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  1. thanks for the mention Helen, I love Lu Summers blogs too, they are really inspirational and funny! If you are wanting to get back into sketching again you can borrow the Danny Gregory book if you want, i didnt think I would have time to do this but it's amazing where you squeeze in a little sketch or two.