Thursday, 3 September 2009

Use the force

I am feeling much better after my little wobble last week. Thanks for everyone's kind words it really helped and its good to know its not just me.

I sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to and decided to more or less carry on as I was. But I am going to try and not get stressed or disappointed and try and enjoy it. I have decided to see how things go up until Christmas and then maybe take another look then. Hopefully I may sell something before xmas!

I also feel much better when I am busy and organised and my day job is starting to get a bit busier, so that kind of helps. Although it means I have less time to surf craft sites! But also means I have less time to dwell on things which is good, I am not very good when I nothing to do.

So in my new and positive frame of mind, I have booked onto a couple of Christmas craft fairs, and written a plan of what I want to make for them. I am also working on some new personalised children's pictures, which I should be able to show you next week. I am also trying to put on paper all the ideas I have in my head, which I think will also help. So hopefully I should have a productive and positive couple of months.

The photo at the top is of a new cushion cover, I just need to do the button holes and then put it on Folksy. The picture below is of some special fabric I had printed using a company in American called Spoon Flower, the petal is the same petal from my logo, I can't wait to use it.

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  1. Hi Helen. Like you, I don't like to spend too much time thinking and keeping busy really helps my frame of mind. Stay positive and I really do wish you lots of luck with the business. Mine only started 5 1/2 years ago but I now have over 850 customers and most of those are regulars now. Positive thinking and an I can do attitude has really helped me. A x