Sunday, 27 September 2009

Its so wee

I have finally completed the samples for the small personalised pictures. I have actually manged to do one using 'boy' colours which is a major breakthrough!

The felt picture are approximately A5 in size and mounted in a A4 white frame. I was thinking of trying to sell them for £25 framed and £17 unframed. Does that sounds reasonable? I find pricing so hard. Hoping to put them in my folksy and etsy shops later.

Also wanted to show you some lovely button's my friend brought me, they are massive! I love them, will I be able to bring my self to use them in a piece.... probabaly not.


  1. I love your colourful work and your flickr photostream xx

  2. love them helen, and I also love your wallpaper, its beaut. as for pricing, how long do they take you to do? Your prices seem a bit low, its really difficult to get it right, I agree. I sold quie a few of my bird originals for £25 and was told my prices were too 'cheep' (! i know, it sunday and its getting late!) so I put my prices up and have sold zip! Just dont know what to say for the best, work out your hourly rate, by the no of hours it takes and add on materials and extra for the frame???