Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Just an inbetweener

My real job is fairly busy at the moment, and I am in the middle of working 12 days without a day off, which is a shame as I am not getting much new stuff made. Boo!
I also don't have much on the go as I have been busy most evenings and had a real push at the weekend to finish things. I hate not having a project, I found myself sitting down last night and watch telly without crafting, a very odd sensation and can't say I liked it much.

Its also a strange time, as I feel I need and want to develop some new designs and styles for my felt pictures and move away from flowers for a while. But I am thinking that now (leading up to Christmas) is probably not the best time to start developing new ideas and I should maybe just concentrate on increasing stock levels for Christmas and save my new idea for the new year. But it just feels a bit clinical!
Anyway for now, I think I need a mini project to help through this busy week and then can start working like mad in a couple of weeks to fill my Christmas stock box.

Sorry its an old photo, no new work to show, boo!

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  1. A dilemma, I struggle with this too some times, developing ideas takes time, good luck and hope you find a happy medium. :-) Debs