Sunday, 20 September 2009

So easily distracted

This weekend I set my set the simple task of actually finishing, some of the many projects I have on the go at the moment. An easy task I thought...

After an hour fighting with my sewing machine and ruining an applique cushions cover I had made, I decided to leave the machine to think about what it had done and go and do some work in the sunshine.

I took some Christmas card I have started and finished them and some burnt samples I want to make into cards. But during my card making session got thinking and my mind started coming up with some printed Christmas card ideas. This lead thinking about some print blocks I had I made for some bags I did a while and ago and wondering what they will be like on cards, so off I went and did that for a while.

And after that I got distracted by some gardening, got stung my a wasp and now have a very swollen leg...... and that was the end of my Sunday creativeness. And I still have a big pile of unfinished things.

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