Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Here are a few of my favourite things - part two

Here is the second part of my favourite things. I was lying in the bath the other day (the shower has broken), thinking about the next few items I would include. I chose 3, and then realised there is a theme. Now I never really thought I was into birds, but I suppose I must be. ....

Flying ducks - I always wanted a set of flying ducks, so when we moved a few years ago the search began for a set to put in the hall way. I looked everywhere and couldn't find any I liked, so was delighted when Jon got me some beautiful ones for Christmas. Unfortunately I can't remember where they are from or who made them, but I seem to think they were handmade some in Leicestershire. Anyway I love them.

Bird Mosaic - My friend made me this for my birthday and its beautiful, not only because she made if especially for me, but also because its a gorgeous mosaic. Its hung about the bath, which wasn't a good idea as its starting to bow.

Bird and tree necklace - This is a recent Etsy purchase, I had been eyeing it up for quite a while. Its made by a Nottingham jewellery designer called Helen Shere. Here is a link to her blog http://sheredesign.blogspot.com/ .I get so many compliments when I wear it and it goes with everything, so I wish I had brought it sooner, now I have got my eye on some earrings.

PS - The cake and summer pudding where a big hit and actually tasted very lovely!!

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  1. Hi Helen. Love the flying ducks. Much improvement on the old style ones. Bet they cause a few smiles. They are so cute. A x