Monday, 21 September 2009

Its all down to size again.

I have been working on a range of personalised pictures for a while now. I produced the large samples really quickly and was quite pleased. I love working on a large scale and wish I could work even bigger than do most of the time, but framing, selling and storage become more of an issue the bigger things get.

So after making the large samples (they are not even that large, in this case ), I decided to try making a medium and small sample, as I thought it was good to cover all price ranges.
I love making this style of picture as I can sit on the sofa and needle felt and embroider to my hearts content. So although I had a very nice time making these, I discovered that it takes me more of less the same time to do the medium and small ones. So I have decided to scrap this idea and just do small and large. So I am in the process of making some samples which are sized somewhere in between the large (the one at the top) and the small (the 2 without names).

Hopefully I'll be able to show you these in a couple of days. Then I just need to decide on a price, I was thinking maybe £25? Its approximately an A5 Picture in an A4 frame.
Ps - I think I mentioned on my last post about getting stung by a wasp. Well my ankle is still swelling, its huge and very painful to walk on. I am hoping it will reach its swelling peak soon and start to return to its normal size. Bloody wasps.


  1. hi helen
    advice from your friendly pharmacist, antihistamines, keep it elevated and if swelling and redness gets worse or starts spreading up your leg get an appointment at your GPs xx

  2. Thanks sue

    Its actually loads better today, I can move my foot again! And the outer redness is getting smaller and the swelling is starting to go down. but I am getting a blister in the centre now.