Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A good couple of days until

Well I had quiet a successful couple of days. It was nice to have some time off from the proper job. I probably didn't make quite as many things as I would have hoped, but then I find that's normally the the case. I also did a bit of tidying and finishing off, so that made me feel better. Here is a picture of a new peg bag. I think I am really pleased with it. I will add some more pictures are new things later in the week.

So I was feeling quite jolly until last night, when I decided to try and make myself a wrap skirt. On the packet it said easy and 2 hours!! I think I just don't have the ability to read and follow instructions. I made so many silly & stupid mistakes. I think its almost beyond saving and that I will never finish it anyway. So again another attempt at dress making goes wrong. I won't try again for another 5 years and when I do will probably repeat this cycle yet again! Oh well.


  1. Thats hysterical, I just did the same thing with a dress for Meg. I am torn between finishing it and her not wearing it, or turning it into something else. It was the 'easy two hours' that got me too.

  2. I do a course on Mondays, and I actually took it along, as I had finished what I was working on. So I couldn't even hide my stupidty. I cut it out at home, and thats where it all went wrong. This is quite nice fabric, so I am sure I can use it for something better.

    But I think basically it requires all the skills I am rubbish at. Reading and following instructions, being told what to do, learning new things, patience, planning.... the list goes on.

    But I feel better knowing you have done the same thing. Stick to felt I think.