Thursday, 6 August 2009

Stitch and burn

Last week I finally got round to treating myself to a soldering iron, so I can do some more stitch and burn pieces.

I now just need to improve my stash of man made shiny fabric, (which is not something I normally buy), so I have a better and wider choice of colours.

My first attempt wasn’t great as the fabric I tried to burn just turned to tar, so was left black lumps everywhere. But recent attempts have been a bit more successful.

I really like the effect, although apart from pictures I haven’t thought of a use yet. You are normally left with a spiky and slightly delicate piece. A friend of mine has just used this method to make some beautiful cushions. They look great, but are very sharp.

I think I may try making some cards.


  1. Oooo, they look very interesting. Lovely colours and designs.

  2. They look great i really like the first one !!

    Glad you don't mind the link :)
    Sara ( Kittyeden)