Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cafetiere Cosies

I have just put these cafetiere cosies in my folksy shop

They are made from handmade felt which I have made using a 3D felt method. So basically its one peice of felt with no sticthing round the sides. Unfortunatley this does mean you get a slightly organic shape, but hopefully this adds to the piece.

To felt in this way you create a plastic template (I normally use a thick platsic bags) and you put layers of fibres either side of the template and wrap them round. You then start felting, once everything is slightly fleted you can cut out the template and continue to felt, but you need to be careful not to felt the two sides together.

I really like felt making using this method, and I am currently working on some bags and purses (hopefully some pictures next week). But as with all felt making you are not really sure how its going to turn out, and once it has shrunk you are often left with something a completey to different size to what you had planned. But I suppose at least with this method, you still have your template so its easier to judge what size you need to try next time!


  1. Hi. I have just found your site and just wanted to say it's really lovely. I dabble in felting and many other crafts and run a sewing business from home in a Shropshire village. I am fairly new to blogging but you are welcome to drop in to my blog any time. Good luck with the business.

  2. Thanks very much. Oooh yes, what your blog address?

  3. You just need to click on my highlighted name to get to my blog....where it says Wipso says.

  4. Hi honey, would you be able to do handbag size bags? Rubbish discription I know, erm like your handbag. I quite like a big handbag. Would they shrink if they got wet?

    I would love a bag (quotation please)