Monday, 17 August 2009

I need a time machine

Well I didn't have the most productive weekend. I wrote myself a big list of things I wanted to get done and didn't really tick anything off the list. I almost finished the bunting I am making for a friends wedding and made a couple felt Christmas decorations, so that was good....

But I never quite got round to the monster felt and sewing session I had planned. I didn't join and get my head round twitter (apparently its a really good way of promoting your shop). I didn't list any new items in my shops. I did take any new photo's for this blog.

I know I am not alone in all this, but I could really do with some more time!!

So as I have been so unorganised the photo's today are of some cards I have been making. They are really sketches and designs for my felt pieces, but I quite like them as cards.


  1. Parabéns pelo blog e projetos !!!!!

  2. I'd really love a few more hours in the day too. I seem to get an odd hour around midnight to myself and by then I'm just too tired to do anything. I guess thats what most people are like who try to fill every minute with exciting things.....and I do :-) Love the card. A x