Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Here are a few of my favourite things....

So far my blog has really just shown my own work, I thought it might be nice to show you a few of my favourites things. Now I really enjoyed thinking about this, and as the list grew, I decided to limit it to things I actually owned! Even with this limitation its so going to be several parts.

So here is part one....

Orla Kiely stem wall paper - This wall paper is in what used to be our dinning room and is increasingly becoming my studio. I really love her prints, and this wall paper never fails to cheer me up.

Fox lampshade - This is also in my studio / dinning room, again I really like the pattern. I brought it from a lovely lighting shop in Hebden Bridge a couple of years, but have since seen they have a website and do lots of other gorgeous designs.

Collection of orange and yellow vases - These are by the fire place in the living room, and I think they look lovely together, and sit well with the dark wood we have in their. I would like to expand this collection, but Jon thinks we may have enough! Booo!


  1. A beautiful collection. I had a think about what I would put as my selection of favourite things and really struggled to select mine.

  2. Beautiful collection and how cool, I discovered Orla Keily's shop in Covent Garden is not too far away from where I work at my day job!

  3. Consider yourself tagged. Please check out my blog

  4. hey helen, love the blog and all the new work you have been posting. I know what you mean about the time machine, if you find one, can I borrow it too?