Monday, 10 August 2009

neddle felting

I've been doing quite a lot of needle felting again. Its something I really enjoy doing, I like the fact you can be quite detailed and almost draw with the fibres. I like the colours and textures and its a great way of decorating my hand made felt in a more controlled way. But what I like most is sitting there and taking all my frustrations and anger, by stabbing away at the piece I am working on.

For those who are not familiar with needle felting, you basically have a large barbed needle that you use to stab/ poke fibres into a piece of fabric, felt and organza work well. Its very therapeutic and quite addictive. (you also need a thick piece of foam, and if doing if on your lap a cushion is a good idea)

Jon gets slightly annoyed as I often sit and do this on the sofa at night and I suppose for him having someone sitting next to him stabbing away probably isn't that relaxing. But it works for me.

I made a cake tea cosy, while working at Get Made (Nottingham Craft Mafia Shop) on Saturday morning, but not had chance to take a photo of it yet. Maybe I'll add this later in the week


  1. That looks really funky. I should try this, but I don't think I have the patience, even for stabbing :)

  2. yeah have a go, I don't have much patience either. I think I like it as you don't have to do much thinking.