Thursday, 30 September 2010

No idea

I was asked today by someone when my Christmas cards will be finished as her sister in Australia wants some! That is of course great, but also makes me go eeek!

I have been really struggling with ideas for Christmas Cards this year. I am working on some felt tree's similar to the decoratutions I have made, I have a pile made up and they just need attaching to cards and deciding if they need some kind of back ground.

But I also like to make Christmas cards that are quicker to produce, as I think people don't tent to spend as much on Christmas cards as they do on normal cards, so I like to do some more costs effective options as my felt christmas tree's do take a while to make.
The last few years this has involved lino printed cards and printed cards based on some of my illustrations. I try and do something different each year, but this year I am struggling I am sure something will come to me and normally a little pressure helps.

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  1. My daughter and I always made gorgeous embellished cards using little collages/ silk painting etc but the new postage rates meant that no-one really wanted to buy lots of cards that need a large letter stamp. So - yes I know the feeling - I am struggling for a card idea too!