Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I can't believe its September already. Not sure where this year has gone. I had hoped that by September, I would have my work in more places, I would have more new work finished and would have a plan of what I need to make for the next few months. But sadly I am a little behind and I feel like September has well and truly crept up on me.

I do have several exciting things in the pipeline, which I hope to share soon, and I do have some Christmas fairs booked, so I suppose I haven't done too badly.

I think I need to write a big to do list and I perhaps need to set myself some goals. Although that never normally works as things always take much longer than you think. I also like going with my moods, rather than forcing myself to sew, when I want to make felt! But basically I think its time to get into production line mode!

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