Friday, 3 September 2010

Two colours

Its been a busy week this week, but sadly not very creative, work has been really busy, which is good as time goes quicker and would much rather be busy, but has meant I haven't had chance to do some of things I some times do at quiet moments.

Evenings have been taken up with stuff too, so haven't made anything this week.

Went to see the Low Anthem on Wednesday, they were great, I love going to gigs, but it been ages. Going to see Black Mountain in a couple of weeks as well. Very exciting.

But I have made some progress this, like stocking up on fabric, cushions pads, wadding and felting fibres and sketching out some new ideas for more cushions and hot water bottle covers. Although I am fairly pleased with the cushions I have made, I think some of them lack something. Maybe I am just not used to only using two colours, I often use as many as possible, but perhaps its a less is more thing. Maybe some of them look a bit flat. Not sure what it is, but its fine as I have loads of new ideas. I just need some time to make them, hopefully I will get more time next week.

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