Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hand embroidery

I love hand embroidery, there is something really relaxing and satisfying about it. I love that you can curl up on the sofa and watch telly whilst doing it. So its great to have some hand sewing on the go, especially when most of my work at the moment is machine embroidery based, it nice to escape from that. Plus I am not very good a sitting sill unless I am doing something, so hand embroidery is perfect.

So in my bid to be more organised and to get ready for the Christmas Fairs I am doing, I have started making some felt Christmas tree decorations. I have really enjoyed making these as I get to choose lots of bright colours and add buttons and patterns. I am now starting to make cards in a similar style.


  1. Those are so colourful. They are really gorgeous. I'm sure they will be very popular. Will you be selling them in sets or just as a single tree?
    A x