Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Standard Lamp

For a while I have been looking for a traditional style wooden standard lamp. I live in a 1930's house and have a wood panelled hall way featuring some gorgeous flying ducks, so I thought it would look good.
I finally found one in a charity shop the other week and swiftly set about re-vamping the shade. I choose some gorgeous Anna Marie Horner fabric (Baby Bouquet Meadow) from her Little Folks Collections. Its a lovely soft fabric and think I will be getting some more as it feels so nice and is probably slightly wasted on a lampshade.

As the fabric is quite thin I decided to keep the fabric of the original white shade and cover over it. I created a template of one of the shade panels, then cut out the 8 fabric panels with a 1cm or so seam allowance and then sewed them all together.

I then got my trusty glue gun and glue the top and bottom of the cover to the shade. I then attached turquoise ribbon to the top, turquoise pom pom fringe to the bottom and added a flower.

I must say it was surprisingly easy and it all fitted together really well. I don't get chance to make things for myself very often, so its a nice feeling when I do,


  1. cool! makes my mums 2 look very very boring! like the pompom fringe very much indeed!

  2. Loving the lampshade! Very retro - it looks stunning against the wooden pannelling!