Monday, 8 February 2010


Felt Lampshade with flowers.

Stitch and Burn Brooches

I'm pleased to say the weekend lived up to my expectations and I managed to have two really good making sessions. So feeling much better about things (although some more sales would help).

I had a few custom orders to finish, which I felt were hanging over me slightly, so its a relief to finish them.

Felt hot water bottle covers

As well as catching up with orders I also made 8 stitch and burn brooches, 16 felt flower cards, 6 tissue holders, a pyjamas case for myself and caught up on my very neglected accounts. So I now need to take some better photo's (it was bit dark by the time I finished yesterday) and list some of these in my shops.
Tissue cosies

Now I am feeling on top of things again I am hoping in the next few weeks to start some development work, particularly for some work to exhibit at Sherwood Art week in June. I also have a craft night planned on Wednesday night with a friend, so finally I am feeling back on track.

Felt to make felt flower cards - will show you completed cards later in the week.


  1. helen, how do you get involved in Sherwood Art Week? I need to exhibit more work this year and it sounds like a good opportunity. Can you send me the details pls? x

  2. Wow I am so impressed with all you have made. I too had a successful weekend crafting and know just how good that feels.
    A x

  3. Those stitch and burn brooches are fab - love the colours!