Friday, 26 February 2010


Up until the last few weeks I had really surprised myself with how easy it was to find things to blog about and I was actually enjoying the process too. Often the difficult thing was what to write about first. But this week I have been seriously lacking ideas, inspriationg and time.

I think this just refelcts my life at the moment. things are starting to get really busy . Work is start get a bit manic and looks like it will be like this until at least the end of June. Things at home are busy, so there seems to be less spare time. I'm also involved in orgnising an event for Nottingham Craft Mafia, as well as organing one of the exhibitions at Sherwood Art week. This is of course on top of trying to find time to make things.

So all in all I'm feeling a bit full, so I suppose its no wonder that I'm struggling with blogging as my brain isn't having much free time to reflect and come up with ideas. Oh well, its juts one of those things and I think I just need to adapt to this change of pace and in future try not to take so much on.

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  1. Think we all have days/ weeks like that so fret not.
    A x