Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I've been talking for a while now about my desire to do some sketching and development work. I really feel like I want to try out some new things and move away from bright florals for a while.

So this last week I have been working on some sketches of buildings and yesterday I started to develop this futher by using different techniques and textures.

I had a really good time. I didn't produce any finished peices, but really enjoyed experimenting and have loads more ideas of new things to try.

I do have some concerns about this new work. Firstly its very similar to a project I did at college, but I do have lots of new ideas to move it forward and it was one of the best things I produced, so I think I should be able to develop this idea rather than re-producing old work.
The second is that there is currently not much use of colour. I know this is becuase I wanted to move away from what I have been doing lately and everything has been bright and bold. So the easiest way to achieve this is by changing colours and tones. But I do like using bright colours and I think one of my strenghts is how I combine and use colour, so I think maybe I need to find I way to incorporate this into this project.

I can't wait to do more on this. I think I do need to do some more sketches. I hate doing sketches in public, I don't like people looking when I am still working on something, so maybe I need to take some photo's to work from.

I am hoping to use some of what I produce to display at Sherwood Artweek in June. So I'm please to say I have a bit of time to develop this further.


  1. helen these look great, i can't wait to see what you come up with, all v exciting. i love starting a new project and doing all the r and d. have you thought about trying browns/oranges/reds or even neutrals like greys/blues/greens?

  2. What talent :-) Love your sketches. Hope you enjoy your new challenges.
    A x