Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shopping spree

Just got back from a lovely weekend visiting friends in Hebden Bridge. And I actually had a bit of a spending spree! In recently years I have started to hate shopping, I just don't have the time or enthusiasm and really don't like it when its busy, so do most of it on line. Its not a bad thing as I haven't had any spare cash recently so not shopping has been good.

But yesterday I managed a successful and enjoyable shopping trip. Hebden Bridge has lots of lovely independent shops full of goodies. My first purchase was in the wonderful Heart Gallery. I saw it a cross the room and knew I had to have it. Its a beautiful green Trim Phone. I love it and we did actually need a new phone too.

I also brought this beautiful spotty lunch box, which is also making me smile.

And I got this 5 bits of fabric for £1, bargain.

I saw lots of other things I wanted, including a gorgeous antique diamond ring (I didn't even go in the shoe shop), but thought I better draw the line at the phone, fabric and lunch box.
I am now going to try and squeeze in a couple of hours sewing, while my fella is a Wembley, I really hope villa win!!


  1. I'm loving your buys and their bright colours. I'm sat here cos the footy is on the telly :-)
    A x

  2. Hi there, just found your blog post about your visit to my town, Hebden Bridge!

    Great to hear you had a good day, and pleased it was a pleasurable shopping experience (I totally get what you mean about shopping) but with so many 'alternative' shops here, it is rather different.

    Great that you were in the Heart Gallery, my jewellery is in there, and I love to hear that people have been in!

    You've even got some blog followers that I know, too.

    Rachel x