Friday, 5 February 2010


This week I have been feeling a little down and have what my friend Nikki calls 'ness' (pronouced nuss). She uses it to describe when you feel down, but for no particular reason, or it could be a combination of lots of little things, which on there own wouldn't matter too much, like tiredness, busy-ness, winter-ness, periodness, fedupness.

I think my latest bout of 'ness' has been brought on by some of the things above, but also the lack of time I have has to do things recently. I am desperate for a good day of making and I am sure that will sort me out.

I had a really good January Sales wise, rather naively I had thought that the steady sales might continue, but they seem to have died off again. I know this isn't help as I haven't listed anything new for a couple of weeks which makes promoting yourself and products much harder. You also feel less motivated and less confident when things aren't selling.

I am sure that a weekend at home and lots of crafting will sort me out! And hopefully I may have some new things to show next week.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. we are on the same page, i have had 'ness' this week too... totally!! have a good weekend too, relax, enjoy your central heating (haha!!) and make lots of lovely stuff, no more 'nessing' for us two next week!!

  2. I call my "ness" days my thinking days. I don't get much done but spend a lot of time thinking about it. Now this is not as negative as it may seem. I reckon my brain is taking stock, making links and boosting its batteries ready for my next surge of busy time!!

    He He word verification says... suvivers!

  3. I love that expression of 'ness' can I use it?
    Especially applicable to my nearly 16 year old who seems to have had a 'ness' week.

    Thinking of a small good thing in your life always gets me out of nessness mood!

    Take heart

  4. I love the term 'ness' please may I use it.

    My daughter and I have both had an off week. Feeling 'ness' sums it up!

    I try and think of some small wonder to cheer myself.
    I hope you can lift yourself out of your nessness.


  5. 'ness' days are little bit days. I try a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but not much of anything. But the 20 minuter rule is a good one to help. Take care and I love the blue circles at the top.