Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sketch Book

The Nottingham Craft Mafia does a regular feature on artists sketch books which I have been finding really interesting to read. This, along with looking at some beautiful sketch books at the knit and stitch show has got me thinking about my own sketch book.
At college I always had one on the go and really found them useful for developing ideas, I loved that they got really chunky as they would often have collages and samples stuck into them. So this year I started using a sketch book on a regular basis for the first time in years.
Its great to have all your ideas in one place and to be able to look back and revisit ideas. I have found with this one its mostly sketching down ideas in the form of quick black pen drawings (I never draw in pencil), I suppose its good as many of these ideas have been developed into textile pieces.
Although I have enjoyed doing this sketch book, and I hope its the start of many more, its not quite the same as the ones from my college days. I hope in the next one to explore and develop ideas more, to try out more ideas, including samples and create some thing bright and interesting, rather than just black pen sketches. But the good thing is I am looking forward to starting it.

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  1. Aw helen that is gorgeous. Think it's a bit contageous though cos that could well be my new years resolution. What a really lovely idea. Thanks for sharing.
    A x