Monday, 14 December 2009

O'Christmas Tree

Well I am actually starting to feel quite Christmassy, so due to the lack of new things to show you, I thought I would add some pictures of my Christmas tree. Its abit of a funny shape, but looks quite pretty.

Most of the decorations are homemade and are in fact probably about 10 years old now, but I still quite like them. I try and add a few new ones each year.

This year I swapped a couple of my mini Christmas Stocking for a couple of beautiful Robin Decorations. These are made my Rachel Ainley, who organisers some of the local craft fairs that I have done. I really love them, but wish I had brought more from her. I may contact her to see if she has any more left.

Yesterday I decided to make a decoration for my front door (How do you attach wreaths to UPVC doors), I certainly won't be entering florist of the year anytime soon, but I was quite pleased with it. Its not a wreath, but more of a hanging foliage thing. I will try and add a picture tomorrow but it was too dark this morning and last night.

Now I just need to finish (or start) the last few remaining Christmas presents I am making.

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  1. Helen, just wanted to say thanks again for your giveaway items which arrived today. My decorations are already on the tree :-) Lorraine x