Monday, 6 December 2010

Another strange one

This weekend I shared a stall with Pinnikity at the Contemporary Craft Fair at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. After a very disappointing fair the weekend before we were both hoping this would be a good one. But unfortunately sales were few and far between, we both sold a few things, but only really enough to cover costs, which was a bit disappointing.

Having said all of that in many ways it was a really good event. It was really well organised. (My day job is an events producer, so I do like and appreciate a well organised event!). The booking procedure, regular updates throughout the year, exhibitor manual sent out before the event, were all really good. Then onsite there were people directing you to loading bays, where there were trolleys available and exhibitor parking was close by, all of this made setting up and taking down really easy. All the stands were clearly labelled, and room plans were available at the door so you could see where to go. The organisers had also done a really good job with getting visitors, it was really busy, especially in the morning, but was it got a bit quiet in the afternoon. So I really can't fault the event itself. Its just shame people didn't seem to be spending any money. Many other stall holders were saying the same thing.

So that's all my Christmas Fairs done for the year. I think next year I will be choosing what I do more carefully and may just do a couple of smaller local fairs, as its easier the cover cost and doesn't matter so much if you don't so well. I also hope that by next year, people may be happier to get their purses out again, but that seem unlikely.


  1. It's a hard market at the moment and completely out of your control which doesn't make it feel any easier, I know. Keep in mind that a lot can happen in a year and don't feel downhearted. I thought your products and stand looked great.

  2. It was lovely to meet you at the event yesterday, I'm very pleased to have seen your products in the flesh as I love them even more now! I love the little draught excluder that I bought from you :)

  3. Sorry to hear your day wasn't great - but I'm sooo pleased you thought the organisation was OK - it's given me some serious grey hairs!! My own sales were rubbish too - only sold 3 things :-( Was hoping for good sales so I could shop for myself but it wasn't to be.