Thursday, 28 October 2010


I actually managed to spend an hour on my sewing machine last night. It may not sound like much, but at the moment this is a major achievement! I enjoyed it too.

I am trying to be more organised and to have more of a system to the way I work, I am hoping this will save a bit of time. So the other day I spend some time cutting out work, I cut out about 10 tea cosies and 10 door stops. I started to add machine embroidery yesterday and after that they will be sewn together. I can see why it makes sense to work like this, as it does defiantly save time, but its perhaps not the most satisfying way to work as it takes much longer to see finished pieces.
Somehow I have managed to re-claim this weekend, so I no longer have any plans. So I am hoping to have a really good sewing session. I know with the fast approaching Christmas craft fair season I need to get moving and I am sure a couple of good session will make me feel better about everything and help find my missing productivity.

I also promise to take some new photo's at the weekend.

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