Thursday, 1 July 2010

All or nothing.

I've gone from being so manically busy at work to having very little to do, which is always quite difficult to get your head round. I do wish my work load was a bit more constant, or in quiet times my hours were more flexible, so I could catch up on things I have neglected.

So I am sitting at my desk thinking and planning all the things I need to do and the list is getting longer and longer.

As well as making and designing lots of new things, I also need to:
  • Update my logo and look of my blog and shops.
  • Take new photo of many of the items in my shop, as some are rubbish.
  • Improve the descriptions of items in my shop.
  • List new items in my shops.
  • Get some new business card printed.
  • Do my accounts.
  • Find some new places to sell my work.
  • Promote my work.
Hmm, I think all of this may take some time....

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