Saturday, 17 April 2010

Screen printing

Screen print on paper.

I've been wanting to do some screen printing for a while now. I brought a kit ages ago but have never quite got round to it. I decided as I don't have much spare time at the moment I would cheat slightly and get some screens made.
I used a company called Thermofax. I'm really please with them and they arrived really quickly. I have has 3 screens made and they are based on some black and white flower doodles I did a few weeks ago.

Screenprint on red fabric
I've only had a quick play , so the prints I am showing you are just tests really. But I have loads of ideas and things I want to try, so hopefully I should be able to show how I have developed these ideas over the next few weeks.
Screen print on fabric

Screen printed cards

Screen print on red fabric with machine embroidery


  1. Love the one with the machine embroidery! haven'y done screen printing for years, it's so nice lifting the screen and revealing the image.

  2. wow, these are FAB, we must arrange our screen print day, sorry i have been sooo crap, never seems like I'm home at the mo, just been to norfolk in caravan and am back for a couple of nights then off again, hope to see you soon, hope j is getting better too x

  3. These look magical! I didn't know you could get the screens made up. Was it expensive to have done? Would love to give it another go, last time I was at college. 30 years ago!!! Ouch!

  4. OOh I had money for a screen printing set for my birthday but haven't got around to getting it yet! Must get a wriggle on! These look fab xx