Monday, 12 April 2010

Quilts 1700-2010

Bishops Court quilt, Unknown, 1690-1700

On Saturday, we had a very quick trip to London to see my brother and his wife. While the boys went to the FA Cup semi final at Wembley, my lovely sister in law took me to The Quits 1700 - 2010 exhibition at The V&A. She certinaly knows what floats my boat.

Set of Chintz bed hangings (detail), 1730-50

It was fab! It was so interesting and insprining. I was amazed at some of the early pieces as they just didn't look that old and lots of the patterned fabric used, were not that disimilar to ones I use now. I really like the way applique had been used and found this really inspiring. It was also nice to see modern quits sitting next ones from the 1700's. I would certainly recomend this show. I did manage to resisit buying fat quarters from the gorgoeus selection in the shop, but I kind of wished I had.

Right to Life, Grayson Perry, 1998
I don't think I have been to the V&A since I did my degree, but I hope to go back soon and have look round the rest of it, as we spent so long looking at quilts we didn't manage to see anything else.

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  1. If Forest get through to the play off final at Wembley I have promised myself a visit while my boys - young and old - go and watch the match! Pleased you enjoyed your day.