Monday, 27 July 2009

Hen Weekends

This is only my second post and already I am deviating from writing about Petal Textiles and craft, but wanted to tell you about my weekend. Maybe I might do two posts today (I am quiet at work today).

I spent this weekend in Stockport at a hen do. Now I am not a big fan of hen do's, I have no interest in stumbling round a town dressed up and doing dares, the stripper is always minging, someone always gets upset, then someone cries..... Not good.

So when a very good friend mentioned her hen do, I wasn't exactly excited, but I had a really good time. It helped that it was held at her house and we basically had a boozy tea party. We decorated her yard and made loads of Pimms. My friend who happens to be a cake maker did all the catering, so after a fab selection of sandwiches (the brides favourite food), we tucked into the most gorgeous cakes, my favourite being the strawberry cheese cake cup cakes, yum! Its was great and everything looked wonderful.

Most of these friends were from my decorative arts course so when it came to doing some activities, we decided to do a craft based thing. Now we weren't sure if this was a good idea, so left it quite late. But wow, I was so surprised (if a little scared) about how competitive and into it everyone was. We got the teams to create the bride from various stages of her life (Student, Bridal and Furturistic). I was even more amazed by what people created in half a hour, they were great and judging was really hard. (Bridal won).

So it was a great weekend, the only tears were from laughing too much, so hen do can be good!! One of my friends described it as a WI style hen do, I think she's right, maybe next time we need a tombola and jam competition! Sounds perfect.

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