Monday, 27 July 2009

Does size matter?

I make a lot of felt wall hangings and pictures, now I love making these. I feel you can be a bit more creative, you can develop them whilst you are working on them and you don't have to think about the practicalities, like you would when make some thing more functional like a cushion cover or tea cosy. You can really explore colour, texture and lots of different techniques.

I especially love making big ones. It always feels dead exciting when you are trying to create a large piece of felt as you never quite know how its going to turn out, and often you are a bit disappointed. Something that started out seeming quite large, shrinks more than you thought and you are left with something quite small, but I suppose you can then work into it and it can still be fab, just a bit smaller than you wanted.

I really like the time it takes to make the larger pieces, you can sit every evening for weeks working on something, you can get really involved and into the something that you want to spend more and more time on that piece because you can't wait to see it finished. You then have to decide when is it finished, knowing when to stop can be quite hard.

I love the process and the enjoyment I get from making the large pieces until I get the final stages - trying to mount and sell them. I always struggle with mounting my work, its not something I enjoy and can be quite challenging, especially when you don't want to fork out on expensive custom frames (framing and mounting suggestions and help welcome). I also like the rough edges of felt, so normally think its best to show these off, but I know this is not to everyone's taste, so should I put it on a frame or window mount it? What colour frame? decisions, descions? I hate mounting work.

I do keep saying to myself that I need to think about the sizes of frames available and to make things to fit the frames rather than the other way around. But I find that approach a bit limiting and I tend to charge into things when I get an idea and thinking about all that might kill the mood slightly.

You then have the issue that bigger pieces are harder to post, transport, take up more room, are more expensive, its more of a commitment to buy a large piece etc... So perhaps in this case smaller is better, but just not as much fun!

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